There is no first or last in learning. When one learns and progresses fast, then the last becomes first (the teacher)
Sifu Che Kong Mak

“Don’t die with your music still inside you”
It’s a layered quote. Live ‘your’ own passion and purpose. Let it drive what you do because one day you won’t be here. Everything you feel inside is not always gonna be music so if it is noise, let it go. But when you sit and listen you can hear your music. It’s harmonious, it sounds right and moves you to ‘play’. Don’t take everything so serious all the time. This quote is a bite-sized reminder of a lot of things I often forget.
Sifu Nicole Daniels

If you practice a technique enough it will reveal itself to you.
Sifu Omar Atkinson

The gift of Wing Tsun has changed my life in many ways but most notably is the ability to problem solve and adjust in the fly. As a father, husband, musician, Wing Tsun Sifu, business owner, and member of the United States Army I have to be able to wear a lot of different hats on a daily basis and perform at a high level. Wing Tsun is not just a martial art, it’s the thing that keeps my life balanced, organized, and coherent in the midst of chaos.
Sifu Barry Cooper

Because Wing Tsun is the practice of adapting to all situations, it is in a constant state of change and improvement.
Sifu Jim Cochrane

“If wing tsun only change your physical health and not your emotion and mental health then you’re doing it wrong from the start, if your practicing Chinese Martial arts and treat people poorly then you have not learn anything from the start”
Sifu Jan Lim

I apply Wing Tsun to nearly every aspect of my life. It has helped me through some very tough times. Essentially, I believe WT is a vehicle toward understanding how to critically think and react in high pressure/stressful situations. Oh, and it teaches ‘Patience’, a rare thing in our modern world. One advancing step at a time!
Sifu Ethan Hampton

“The weaker fighter can not be lazy! use your legs to move around a stronger opponent!”

“Strength without focus & finess is wasted. The less skilled fighter will always be more tired than the skilled opponent.”
Brother Arnel Camitan

It is an honor to be part of the living story of Wing Chun, and I hope to carry that story to many others in the time to come.
Brother Martin Fuller

I fall in love with this martial art because it does not only teach me how to fight in a self-defense perspective, but also in my everyday life. The philosophy, the physics, and the theory behind WT apply to how I handle real-life circumstances.
Sister Coco Wong



  1. Abandon
  2. Upload
  3. Borrow


  1. If the way is free, go forward.
  2. If the way is obstructed, stick.
  3. If there is overwhelming force, give way.
  4. If they retreat, pursue.


Art, after all, is a means a aquiring “personal” Liberty. your way is not my way: nor mine yours. So whether or not we can get together, remember well that art “Lives” where absolute freedom is.

One is proud when he identifies himself with an imaginary self; the core of pride is self-rejection.

Bruce lee








“there is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings